Function of the Church

Last week, I heard a topical sermon on what is the church.  I was refreshed by what I have heard even though I should know how the church is to function.  I have dedicated a few years of my life in full time study preparing me to work in a church.  I have worked a … [Read more…]

Sober Reality

One night, I came home after a long day at work.  I was immersed with work during the day.  While I was commuting home, I had music played from my phone to the car speakers.  As a result, I had no clue about the news that happened during that day.  I came home and my … [Read more…]


There seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction with my life in general. When I was single, I would think that getting married and having children would satisfy me.  Today, I would think that having an abundance of free time to play and hang out with friends would satisfy me. When I was a stock … [Read more…]

Forget what puffs me up

I was at a men’s conference a few weeks ago.  The main take away is to become a spiritually mature man, to pray in anguish to our LORD, to enjoy my relationship with Jesus Christ, and to speak boldly the Gospel of Christ.  I would like to change.  It seems that I can go to … [Read more…]